• Scott Byer

Emergency Water Extractions

Updated: Jan 9

A water emergency can happen anytime. Floods, extreme weather, broken pipes, etc can all cause damage to your residential or commercial properties. Whatever the situation, A-Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can get the job done correctly and quickly.

Step #1 – extracting standing water can be performed using various tools such as a carpet wand or water claw.

Step #2 – removal of carpet cushion. The majority of situations in regards to a carpeted area the pad will be replaced and the carpet can be saved depending on how much water intruded and how long it was there.

Step #3 – anti-microbial treatment helps stop the growth of bacteria mildew and other harmful micro-organisms.

Step #4 – high speed air movers create airflow across carpet and walls that assist in evaporating moisture. Dehumidifiers promote faster drying, prevent humidity damage and help prevent indoor air quality problems.